This page lists ID Vendors which were found to be legitimate. This means that one of our users ordered a fake from one of these & received a quality fake id or drivers license. We have no connection or affiliation with these sites but we believe it is our moral duty to spread the love & the correct word for consumers looking for a legitimate & reliable vendor.

Corrupt or False Reviews on third party community sites

There are other Fake ID Websites which are listed on community forums such as reddit or instagram and review sites popping up every day for the sole purpose of promoting Sites which are their own or bribed. That’s right, we recently had more than Ten confirmed reports of reddit moderators purposely listing Scam sites such as idhurry or idsbuddy as trusted vendors on the reddit fake id trusted vendors list. Do not get scammed or lose your hard earned money just because you got fooled by reddit’s paid or a self-made fake id review site with one or two pages. Remember no fake id review site which does not provide any information regarding their past experience or purpose other than reviewing ID sites can not be trusted. As you can see our site is professional and each ID template is 100% up to the high standards. We strive hard to keep the id vendors list up to the mark and frequently remove low quality or scam sites from our list.

Current Trusted Fake ID Websites